Food Timeline Ever wonder how the ancient Romans fed their armies? What the pioneers cooked along the Oregon Trail? Who invented the potato chip...and why? So do we!!! Food history presents a fascinating buffet of popular lore and contradictory facts. Some experts say it's impossible to express this topic in exact timeline format. They are correct. Most foods are not invented; they evolve. We make food history fun.

New Updates: August 2022

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Food Timeline Index...alpha, subject & site search

food beginnings
water & ice----------------
oysters, scallops, mussels & mollusks----------------
squid, calamari & octopus----------------
fish & frogs----------------
mushrooms & greens----------------
bear, venison & horsemeat ----------------
eggs & marrow bones----------------
rice & millet----------------
emmer grain--17,000BC---
einkorn grain--16,000BC---
wheat ---8,000BC---
American bison---8,000BC---
wine & beer---7,000BC---
pigs, goats & sheep---7,000BC---
new world beans---7,000BC---
black walnuts---7,000BC---
cattle domestication---6,500BC---
apples & crab apples ---6500BC---
spelt ---6000BC---
maize & tortillas---6000BC---
honey & chickpeas---5000BC---
arugula, chicory & lettuce ---5000BC---
ginger & galangal---5000BC---
buckwheat & quinoa---5000BC---
Cucumbers & squash & chayote---5000BC---
chili peppers, avocados & taro---5000BC---
milk & yogurt, & sour cream---5000BC---
grapes, watermelons & sorghum---4000BC---
oranges citrons & Buddha's hand ---4000BC---
pomegranates ---4000BC---
chicken domestication---3200BC---
butter & palm oil---3000BC---
barley & cassava (manioc)---3000BC---
peas & carrots ---3000BC---
onions & garlic---3000BC---
apricots & spices ---3000BC---
soybeans I---2838BC---
olive oil---2500BC---
seaweed & duck ---2500BC---
muskmelon ---2400BC---
saffron & peach palm (page 211) ---2300BC---
mustard, pasta & noodles---2000BC---
radishes, purslane & carob ---2000BC---
marshmallows, liquorice & jujubes ---2000BC---
ham & sesame seeds & cultivated rye ---2000BC---
chocolate & vanilla---1500BC---
pickles & mangoes---1000BC---
oats & bean sprouts---1000BC---
tomatoes & tomatillos---900BC---
bananas, poppy seeds & cabbage ---600BC---
Guinea fowl in Greece---500BC---
Italian sausages & artichokes---500BC---
pastries & appetizers---400BC---
peppercorns, cardoons & garden cress (page 307)---400BC---
parsley ---300BC---
turkeys, asparagus & rhubarb ---200BC---
chestnuts & horehound---1st Century---
lobster, crab & shrimp---1st Century---
truffles, dill & dormice ---1st Century---
blueberries & raspberries---1st Century---
capers, turnips & kale ---1st Century---
costmary & blood as food---1st Century---

lemons ---3rd Century---

pretzels---5th Century---
eggplant---6th Century---
spinach & sago---7th Century---

coffee, cod & nutmeg---9th century---
loquats & flower waters---10th century---

corned beef & cider---11th century---
lychees, seitan & fu ---11th century---
breadfruit, & okra & artichokes ---12th century---

gooseberries---12th century---

Walden saffron & Mexican limes---14th century---


coconuts & rutabagas---15th century---
Japanese sushi & sashimi---15th century---
pork & beans---1475---
marmelade ---1495---
pecans, papayas & cauliflower---16th century---
turkeys in Europe---16th century---
cashews in India---16th century---
Japanese tempura---16th century---
Texas Longhorns---16th century---
vanilla in Europe---16th century---
tomatoes in Europe---1544---
fruit leather---1587---
Brussels sprouts & target="new"kohlrabi---1587---
skim milk---1596---

yams & sweet potatoes---17th century---

treacle---17th Century---
pralines & coffee cake---17th Century---

modern ice cream & maple sugar---17th Century---
cranberries in America---17th Century---
Jerusalem artichokes---1605---

coffee in Europe---1615---

Kosher food in the U.S.---1654---
blackeyed peas in America---1675---
grapefruit in Barbados---1683---
broccoli in England---1699---

coffee in America---18th Century---
root beer & tapioca ---18th Century---
French fries & ketchup---18th Century---
hardtack & ship's biscuit ---18th Century---
---18th century---
Montelimar nougat---1701---


Commerical foods-1740-1820---
sugar beets---1747---

commercial gelatin---1754---
mayonnaise & Tartar sauce---1756---

egg nog---1760---

soda water---1767---

New Zealand spinach---1771---

tomatoes in America---1781---

New Zealand mutton birds------1788---


squirrel---19th century--

Mandarin oranges/Europe---1805---

ice cream cones & sandwich bread---1807---

corn syrup & McIntosh apples---1811---
taffy, toffee & butterscotch---1817---
new potatoes---1817---
lady fingers---1820---


soft drinks in America---1830---
Turkish delight & Worcestershire sauce---1830---

Gibraltar rock---1831---
iodized salt---1833---
Worsestershire sauce & Michigan mint---1835---
Idaho potatoes & custard powder---1837---
Key limes---1839---

corn starch---1842---

Chinese food in America---1847---
vanilla extract---1847---

Concord grapes---1849---

modern marshmallows --1850---
cherries in Michigan---1852---
potato chips---1853---
Condensed milk ---1856---
Peek Freans---1857---

fish & chips---1860---
Garibaldi biscuits---1860s---

Vernor's Ginger Ale---1862---
breakfast cereal---1863---

Conversation Hearts---1866---

synthetic baby food---1867---
Tabasco sauce---1868---
Fleischmann's Yeast & Kobe beef---1868---

Welch's grape juice---1869---

margarine & unsalted butter---1870s---

California raisins---1870s--

Philadelphia cream cheese---1872---
Graham crackers ---1872---

Heinz Ketchup---1876---

blood oranges in USA & Thompson seedless grapes---1878---

Wheatena & Saccharin---1879---

passion fruit, desiccated eggs & crosnes ---1880s--
salt water taffy & French dressing---1880s--

Armour's 'Simon Pure'Leaf Lard---1884--

milk shakes & Dr Pepper---1885---
Educator crackers, Salisbury steak & evaporated milk---1885---
Coca Cola---1886---
malted milk & Georgia pecans---1887---
pancake syrups---1887---

Fig Newtons ---1891---
Cracker Jacks---1893---

Minute tapioca---1894---
peanut butter & tea bags ---1895---
Chop suey & Corsicana fruitcake---1896---
oatmeal cookies---1896---

Jell-O & Campbell's tomato soup ---1897---
cotton candy & tangelos---1897---
jelly beans & candy corn ---1898---
Texas sweet onions ---1898---

Cottolene & Plasmon ---1900---
elbow macaroni & Ice cream sandwiches---1900---

peanut butter & jelly---1901---

Animal Crackers & Black & Whites---1902---

Karo syrup---1902---

canned tuna---1903---
banana splits & Ovaltine---1904---

New Zealand kiwi ---1904---

New York pizza ---1905---

Taylor Pork Roll---1906---

Meyer lemons---1908---

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) ---1909---

orange juice---1910s--

Crisco ---1911---

Junket & Olivenaise---1911---

Oreos & maraschino cherries ---1912---

fortune cookies ---1912---



American shark & Australian Copha---1916---

Moon pies & Marshmallow Fluff---1917---

Chase's Cherry Mash---1918---

Hostess cup cakes---1919---

Eskimo Pie & Good Humor---1920---

Yoo-hoo & cube steak---1920s--

Wonder Bread & zucchini ---1921---

Vegemite & Girl Scout Cookies---1922---
popsicles ---1923---
frozen foods & Texas hot weiners---1924---
ready-to-spread frostings & Jujyfruit candy---1925---
Orange Julius ---1926---
Kool-Aid, Pez, Pepperoni Rolls, & Bridge mix ---1927---
Gerber's baby food & It's It---1928---
Twizzlers & Karmelkorn---1929---
Po'Boy & hot Italian sandwiches--1929---
Twinkies & Jiffy biscuit mix--1930---
Heinz 57 product line---1930---
sliced bread & dry soup mix---1930s---
spiral carved hams & cheese puffs---1930s---
Vidalia onions & Frisbie Pies---1930s---
tacos in LA---1931---
London Broil & Tri-tip steak ---1931---
refrigerator biscuits---1931---
Fritos & Pablum ---1932---
Marshmallow Sandwich cookies---1932---
chocolate covered pretzels ---1933---
Hawaiian Punch & Rutgers tomatoes ---1934---
Nabisco's Ritz crackers---1934---
Campbell's cream of mushroom soup & Tex-Mex burritos ---1934---
sloppy joes---1935---
Py-O-My & Dagwood sandwiches---1936---
SPAM, Krispy Kreme & Hippodromes---1937---
Hollywood bread & chicken & waffles---1938---
Cho cho ice cream treats---1939---
Ugli fruit & seedless watermelon---1939---
milk sold by the gallon---1939---
York Peppermint Patties & sponge candy---1940---
M & Ms & Cheerios ---1941---
Corn dogs/Pronto pups & Blackout cakes---1942---
Chicago-style pizza---1943---
frozen orange juice & Nutella---1946---
Gourmet (magazine) food ads---1946---
Betty Crocker's cake mix---1947---
frozen french fries & Sau Sea shrimp cocktail--1948---
Jolly Ranchers ---1949---
instant pudding & high altitude cake mix---1949---
parbaked bread & Friday Franks---1949---
American Tex-Mex---1950s--
Irish coffee, cappuccino & smoothies---1950s--
frozen pizza---1950---
diet soda & Cheez Whiz ---1952---
Duncan Hines cake mixes---1952---
Maypo ---1953---
Marshmallow Peeps ---1953---
TV Dinners---1953---
ranch dressing & tracklements---1954---

frozen pie crust---1955---
chocolate covered ants---1956---
Tang & Pam---1957---
Rice-A-Roni & instant ramen noodles ---1958---
brown rice in USA---1960s---
Fruit Stripe gum---1960---
Life cereal---1961---
instant mashed potatoes & PDQ---1962---
round sandwich bread---1963---
Brown & Serve bacon---1963---
Carnation Instant Breakfast & Belgian waffles & Pop Tarts---1964---
Buffalo Wings ---1964---
fast food chicken sandwiches---1964---
Gatorade & Slurpees---1965---
high fructose corn syrup---1967---
Ramapo tomatoes---1968---
Snack Pack & Space Food Sticks ---1968---
Snackin Cake---1971---
beefalo&& Flame Seedless grapes---1973---
Pop Rocks & Jelly Bellies ---1976---
orange cauliflower---1976---
pulled pork & generic foods---1977---
panko & portobello mushrooms ---1980s---
bubble tea, chicken nuggets & Sriracha sauce ---1980s---
Yukon gold potatoes---1980---
Orangetti spaghetti squash---1986---
Red Bull energy drink---1984---
everything bagels & garlic knots ---1988---
artisan breads & greenhouse tomatoes---1990s---
edamame in the USA---1990s---
turkey bacon---1991---
pretzel bread---1992---
Flavr Savr tomatoes I (launch) & II (shelved in 1997)---1994---
grape tomatoes---1997---
Omega 3 Eggs---2001---
Flat iron steak & tear-free onions---2002---
Mexican funnel cake---2008---
What's hot?---2013---
Cronuts & test tube burgers---2013---
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historic recipes

---10,000BC---flour, bread & soup

---4000BC---yeast breads: pitta & focaccia

---3000BC---ice cream

---2300BC---Ancient Egypt

---1700BC---Mesopotamia banquets & recipes



---1st Century---Bible era foods
---1st Century---Ancient Rome
---1st Century---fried chicken, foie gras
---1st Century--- French toast & omlettes
---1st Century---Italian wedding soup & rice pudding
---1st Century---flan & cheesecake
---1st Century---The Haggis, stuffed dates & pears in syrup
---1st Century---challah & Parthian breads

---3rd Century---De Re Culinaria (in Latin) & De Opsoniis et Condimentis, Apicius
---4th century---Byzantine bread
---5th-9th century---Anglo-Saxon foods

---7th century---kimchi
---8th century---Ancient Maya
---8th-12th century---Viking foods
---9th century---halva & goulash
---10th-15th century---Medieval food & menus
---10th century---Peking duck & Shark's fin soup
---11th century---baklava & bannock

---13th Century---ravioli, lasagne & mozzarella cheese
---13th Century---pancakes & waffles
---13th century---brawn, salsify & couscous
---14th century--- kebabs & moon cakes
---14th century---scrambled eggs & guacamole
---14th century---escabeche & verjuice
---14th century---pie & humble pie
---14th century--- kolache, Trenchers, Frumenty & Blancmanger
---14th century---Viandier de Taillevent & Le Menagier de Paris
---1381---apple pie & crumpets
---1386---Chaucerian Cookery, feasts!
---1390--- The Forme of Cury
---1393---fried cheese sticks
---15th century---jelly, jams & preserves
---15th century---stracciatelle & zanzarelli, risotto
---15th century--- borscht & marzipan
---15th century--Sauce Robert
---15th century--- doughnuts & hot dogs
---1475--- wassail
---1492---Christopher Columbus old world cuisine
---16th century---sweetbreads & salsa
---16th century---quiche & puff paste
---16th century---teriyaki chicken & Cornish pastys & Polish Bigos
---16th century---English snow eggs & syllabub
---1514---Een Notabel Boecxken Van Cokeryen, in Dutch
---1545---A Proper newe Booke of Cokerye
---1590---Shakepeare's food
---1593---Cocboeck, Carolus Battus (in Dutch)
---1596---English trifle
---1597---potato salad
---1599---hasty pudding
---17th Century--- corn bread, hoe cakes, spoonbread & hominy
---17th Century---chess pie & shortbread
---17th Century---French onion soup, pea soup & cream puffs
---17th century--- Salad I & II
---17th century Hodge Podge & Olla Podria
---1604---Raspberry jelly & modern version
---1607--Jamestown settlers ate pottage (p. 20)
---1612---Koocboec oft familieren keukenboec, Magirus (in Dutch)
---1615---A New booke of cookerie
---1616---Koge-Bog (first printed Nordic cookbook)
---1621--- Pilgrim Thanksgiving

---1653---pumpkin pie & lemonade
---1662---Boston brown bread (aka Ryaninjun)
---1664---potato bread
---1669---De Verstandige Kock, in Dutch
---1672---Queen-Like Closet, Hannah Wooley
---1683---De Verstandige Kock, colonial Dutch recipes
---1685---Accomplisht Cook, Robert May
---1691---lemon meringue pie
---1694---portable soup
---1699---John Evelyn's Acetaria: Discourse of Sallets
---18th century ---Colonial & Early American fare
---18th century ---crab cakes, ratafia & sangria
---18th century--- muffins & crackers
---18th century--- chowder & beef tea
---18th century---cinnimon buns & English muffins
---1702---pepper pot soup
---1720---Receipts of Pastry and Cookery for the Use of his Scholars, Ed. Kidder
---1725---Welsh Rabbit
---1727---Hasty pudding, The Compleat Housewife E. Smith
---1728--- mushroom ketchup
---1736---Scottish tablet
---1740---pound cake & cupcakes
---1744---Espagnole sauce
---1747---Floating island
---1747---Yorkshire pudding & sweet potato pie
---1747--- Salmagundi & mashed potatoes
---1753---diet bread
---1754---Colonial Williamsburg food
---1754--- Swedish meatballs
---1755--- turtle soup
---1764---English Houswifery, Elizabeth Moxon
---1765---apple butter

---1769---beef a la mode , Experienced English Housekeeper
---1769---Eccles cakes
---1770---Colonial wedding cakes & Crab soup
---1771--- Election Cake
---1775---Dried apples from Paul Revere's kitchen
---July 4, 1776---American Independence Day menus 1776--present
---1780s---Martha Washington's Great Cake
---1780s---Thomas Jefferson's ice cream (manuscript) & muffins
---1780s---Martha Jefferson's cream cheese
---1784---Mulligatawny soup
---1785---Kokebok, from Norway
---1786---deviled eggs
---1789---aspic & Moravian sugar cakes
---1790---pasta & tomato sauce
---1790s---California Mission foodwasy
---1792---English Art of Cookery, Richard Briggs
---1792--- mock turtle soup
---1796---pompkin pudding & federal pancakes, Amelia Simmon's American Cookery
---1796---Charlotte & Charlotte Russe
---1798---American Cookery, Amelia Simmons
---19th Century---Frontier American fare & Victorian era foodways
---19th Century---Chile con carne & fondue
---19th Century--wedding cake, Sally Lunn & salt rising bread
---19th Century--Napoleons, Linzertortes & ammonia cookies
---19th Century-- shepherd's pie & Cape Breton pork pie
---19th Century-- American mangoes & pickled peppers
---19th Century-- canapes & timbales
---19th Century--fines herbes
---1800---Regency English menus & recipes [Jane Austen]
---1800---Napoleon's Chicken Marengo
---1802---fried ice cream
---1803---Mint Julep & Gumbo
---1803---Frugal Housewife, Susannah Carter
---1805---white pudding & pot pie
---1807---A New System of Domestic Cookery, Mrs. Rundell
---1808---Lucy Emerson's New England Cookery
---1810---Brunswick stew & Kentucky burgoo
---1820---ginger ale
---1821---Tomata catsup & orange marmelade, Frederick Accum's Culinary Chemistry
---1824---chicken-fried steak, oyster ice cream & gazpacho in America
---1826---Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin's Physiologie du Gout (Note: this is the 1848 edition; the 1826 is no longer available online)
---1826--- Cook and Housewife's Manual, Margaret Dods (Scotland)
---1827---lemon drops & carrot ale
---1828---Duck a l'Orange
---1828--- Vermont common crackers & Philadelphia Apee cookies
---1828---Sauce Allemande & Cabinet pudding
---1830---Frugal Housewife/Child & Cooks Oracle/Kitchiner

---1830---Reform Club chef Alex Soyer's Dessert gelatin
---1830---carrot cake, Hopping John, & bouillabaisse
---1831--- The Cook Not Mad, Watertown NY
---1832---Seventy-five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes and Sweetmeats, Eliza Leslie
---1832---The Cook's Own Book, N.K.M. Lee
---1834---Palestine soup
---1838---The Virginia Housewife, Mary Randolph
---1839---The Good Housekeeper, Sarah Josepha Hale
---1840---Directions for Cookery, Eliza Leslie
---1840--- Cuisiniere Canadienne, L. Perrault, Montreal
---1840s--Oregon trail foods
---1840s--Irish soda bread & French Savarin
---1840s--pork steaks & head cheese
---1844--- Cornish pastys in UP
---1845---roly-poly pudding & Bakewell pudding & fines herbes
---1845---tipsy parson & chicken salad
---1846---Jewish Manual, Judith Montefiore & Domestic Receipt Book/ Catharine Beecher
---1847---Utah bound!
---1847---peanut brittle

---1849---Eliza cookees, Mrs. Hubbell
---1849---California sourdough bread & Hangtown fry
---1850s--Western sandwiches
---1850s--Mock apple pie

---1850---Anadama bread
---1851---Great Western Cook Book, Anna Collins
---1852---Handbook of Invalid Cooking/Mary Boland
---1853---Maryland beaten biscuits
---1855---Boston cream pie
---1856---Navy bean soup
---1857---Hanna Winsnes' cookbook (in Norwegian)
---1857---Country Captain Chicken & iced coffee
---1857---Eliza Acton's English Bread Book
---1859---The Curiosities of Food/Simmonds (extreme cuisine)
---1860---Cakes & plum puddings, Godey's Lady's Book
---1860s---Baked Alaska & ice tea
---1861---Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management
---1861---Beef Stroganoff & popcorn balls
---1861-1865---Civil War foods
---1863---Confederate Receipt Book, Richmond VA
---1863---fruit salad
---1864---Sanderson's Complete Confectioner & Complete Cook
---1864---Apple Brown Betty
---1865---Mrs. Goodfellow's Cookery as it should be
---1866---The National Cookbook, Hannah Peterson
---1868---The Dominion Home Cookbook, Toronto
---1869---parfaits, pickled limes & bordelaise sauce & Chateaubriand
---1869---Wright's book of 3000 practical receipts
---1870s-- American pot roast & Parker House rolls
---1870s---Neapolitan ice cream & Caramel cake
---1870s---Cowboy cooking
---1870---Jennie June's American Cookbook, Jane Cunningham Croly
---1870---New Orleans King cakes
---1871---groom's cake & marble cake
---1871--- Wild Turkey & cheese straws
---1873---American cuisine, from Miss Beecher's Housekeeper and Healthkeeper cookbook
---1874---Mrs. Winslow's Domestic Receipt Book
---1875---Breakfast, Luncheon, and Tea, Marion Harland
---1875---Young Housewife's Counsellor and Friend, Mary Ann Mason
---1876---Practical Cooking and Dinner Giving, Henderson
---1876---popovers, ground nut cakes & Lobster Newburg
---1877--- ambrosia & vinegar pie
---1877--- Wilcox's Buckeye Cookery & Kettner's Book of the Table
---1878---hermit cookies
---1878---Directions Diverses, Montreal
---1879--- Mrs. Porter's New Southern Cookery Book, Mrs. M. E. Porter
---1879---funnel cakes
---1880---Miss Parloa's New Cookbook, Maria Parloa
---1880s---angel food & chocolate pie
---1880s---Baked Alaska & American meatloaf
---1881---What Mrs. Fisher Knows About Old Southern Cooking, Abby Fisher
---1882---Chicken tartare
---1883---Christmas pudding
---1884---Mrs. Lincoln's Boston Cook Book
---1884---porcupines & Angels on horseback
---1885---La Cuisine Creole, Lafcadio Hearn
---1886---Woman's Suffrage Cook Book, Mrs. Hattie A. Burr
---1886---Miss Corson's Practical American Cookery, Juliet Corson
---1886---pecan pie
---1887---Cherries jubilee & Heavenly hash
---1887---White House Cook Book, F.L. Gillette
---1887---Canning & Preserving, Mrs. Rorer
---1889---Aunt Babette's Cook Book: Foreign and Domestic Receipts
---1889---bundt cake
---1890s---corn oysters & ice cream sundaes
---1890s---chicken cacciatora & picnic ham
---1892---Science in the Kitchen, Ella Eaton Kellogg
---1893---Art of Living in Australia, Philip Muskett
---1893---La Cuisine Francaise: French Cooking for Every Home...
---1893---Favorite Dishes, Carrie V. Shuman
---1893---ice cream a la mode & fudge
---1894---Ranhofer's The Epicurean
---1894---Terrapin, from Delmonico's in NYC
---1894---Eggs Benedict
---1894---Recipes Tried and True, Marion Ohio
---1896---Waldorf salad
---1896---Boston Cooking School Cook Book, Fannie Merritt Farmer
---1896--- The Cook Book, Oscar Tschirky (of the Waldorf)
---1896---Military field bread, U.S. Manual for Army Cooks
---1896---Henriette Davidis' Practical Cookbook, 35th German edition (in English)
---1897---Swedish-American Cookbook (Swedish and English)
---1897---Steiger's Deutsch-Amerikaniches Kochbuch (in German)
---1897---Nantua sauce
---1898---Lane Cake & Shrimp wiggle
---1899---Oysters Rockefeller
---1900s--Popular USA foods & menus
---1900s--cioppino, Oysters Kirkpatrick & a href="foodmeats.html#swisssteak">Swiss steak
---1900s--Culinary Wrinkles, or how to use Armour's extract of beef
---1900---Morristown Cook Book (NJ)
---1900---My Pet Recipes..., St. Andrews Church, Quebec
---1900---Banbury tarts, The Stonington Cookbook, CT
---1900--- Food for the Sick and How to Prepare It, Edwin French
---1901---Settlement Cook Book, Mrs. Simon Kander
---1901---Eggs in a basket & Clams casino

---1902---USA Devil's food cake & Australian Lamingtons
---1902---Mrs. Rorer's New Cook Book, Sarah Tyson Rorer
---1903---cranberry bread
---1903---U.S. Senate Bean Soup & Club sandwiches
---1904---Dr. Price's Delicious Desserts
---1904---Cooking in Old Creole Days, Celestine Eustis
---1904---Blue Grass Cook Book, Minnie Fox [Kentucky cookery]
---1904---Good Housekeeping Hostess
---1905--- Los Angeles Times Cook Book
---1905---Lady Baltimore & Checkerboard cakes
---1905---submarine sandwiches, Tomato gravy & Tamale pie
---1905--- Finnish-American Cookbook, Kaleva Michigan (with English translation)
---1906---brownies & banana cream pie
---1906---onion rings, Harvard beets & Muffoletta sandwiches
---1906---Refugee's Cook Book, (San Francisco earthquake)
---1906---One Hundred and One Mexican Dishes, May E. Southworth
---1907---Le Guide Culinaire/Escoffer (English)
---1907---Gastronomy Practique, Ali-Bab (French)
---1907--- Divinity fudge, sauerkraut candy &
---1908---Steak Diane & Lobster fra diavolo
---1908---buttercream frosting
---1909---Tetrazzini & Kaiser pudding
---1909---Good Housekeeping Woman's Home Cookbook, Isabel Gordon Curtis
---1909---Washington Woman's Cook Book (Seattle)
---1909---Reform Cookery Book, Mrs. Mill
---1909---shrimp cocktail
---1910s--Popular U.S. foods & menus
---1910--Jell-O: America's most famous dessert
---1910---Home Helps: A Pure Food Cook Book
---1910---Charles Fellows' Menu Maker & Horace Kephart's Camp Cookery
---1910--- Practical West African Cookery/Leith-Ross & Ruxton
---1911---Apple sauce cake
---1911---Good Things to Eat, Rufus Estes
---1911---Laurel Health Cookery, Elvora Bucknum Perkins (vegetarian)
---1911---Catering for Special Occasions, Fannie Merritt Farmer
---1911---Kitchen Encyclopedia, Swift & Company
---1912---Chicken a la King & Chop Suey cake
---1912---Thousand Island dressing & tomato pie
---1912---Mary Frances Cook Book, Jane Eayre Fryer
---1912---Standard Paper-bag Cookery, Emma Paddock Telford
---1912---War Time Cooking, Lydia E. Pinkham
---1912--- Dromedary Cook Book
---1912---Golden Rule Cook Book,Sharpe (vegetarian)
---1913---Chinese Cook Book, Chong Jan Co. & Japanese Fruitcake
---1913---Choice Recipes: Chocolate and Cocoa, Walter Baker & Co.
---1913---Dishes and Beverages of the Old South, Martha Williams
---1913---Coq au vin & clover leaf rolls
---1913---Italian cream cake & clafoutis
---1914---Chinese-Japanese Cook Book, Sara Bosse
---1914---Chicken fried steak
---1914---Neighborhood Cook Book, Council of Jewish Women
---1914---ANZAC biscuits I & II
---1914---Fettuccine Alfredo
---1915---hush puppies & peanut butter cookies
---1915---Dainty Desserts for Dainty People, Knox Gelatin Co.
---1915---Healthy Life Cook Book, Florence Daniel
---1915---Pan-Pacific Cookbook, Exposition fare
---1916---Apple crisp & Sunkist Oranges-Lemons
---1916---Field bread, Manual for Army Bakers
---1916--- Allied Cookery, Grace Clergue Harrison
---1917---Icebox Cake & Black cow
---1917---Vichyssoise & American cocktail parties
---1917---55 Ways to Save Eggs & Best War Time Recipes
---1917--- Buffalo Bird Woman's Garden
---1918---World War I recipes from the Doughboy Cookbook
---1918---Fannie Farmer's Boston Cooking School Cook Book
---1919---Sturtevant's Notes on Edible Plants/E. Lewis Sturtevant [1919]
---1919---International Jewish Cook Book, Florence Kreisler Greenbaum
---1919---The Hotel St. Francis Cookbook, Victor Hirtzler
---1919---Italian Cook Book, Maria Gentile
---1919---chocolate truffles
---1920s--Popular U.S. foods & menus
---1920s--egg creams & French 75 cocktail
---1920---Fleischmann's recipes
---1920---School and Home Cooking, Carlotta C. Greer
---1921--- Chiffon pie, Mary Ann cakes &
Candle salad
---1921---Story of Crisco (with recipes)
---1922--- Aunt Caroline's Dixieland Recipes, Emma & William McKinney
---1922---Jell-O recipes
---1923--- Food for the Diabetic, Mary Huddleson
---1923---Svensk-Amerikansk Kokbok (Wisconsin)
---1924---pineapple upside-down cake & Caesar salad
---1924--- chocolate covered potato chips
---1925---George Washington Carver's peanut recipes
---1925---Lemon sponge cake from 800 Proved Pecan Recipes
---1927---Electric Refrigerator Recipes, General Electric
---1927---Here's How (Prohibition cocktails)
---1927---s'mores & mayonnaise cake
---1928---Horseshoe sandwiches & Black bottom pie & cold shape
---1930s--Popular U.S. foods & menus
---1930s--Lady Baltimore & Pavlova cakes
---1930s--Philly cheese steak & Pigs in blankets & Margaritas
---1930s--banana bread & Tomato Soup cake
---1930s--Cajun fried turkey & Purple Cows
---1931---souffle, Joy of Cooking
---1931--- refrigerator pie & city chicken
---1933---Lindy's cheese cake
---1935---breadless sandwiches
---1936--- Chef's salad, Chinese Chicken salad & no-bake cookies
---1936---Burke's Complete Cocktails & Drinking Recipes
Reubens & Chicken Kiev
---1937---Specialita Culinarie Italiane, Boston MA
---1937---Green goddess dressing & Cobb salad
---1939---New York World's Fair Cook Book/Crosby Gaige
---1939---Colonel Sanders' secret recipe & George Jessel's Bloody Mary
---1940s--Popular U.S. foods & menus
---1940---Ruth Wakefield's Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies & Johnny Marzetti casserole
---1940---Recipes, Britain's Ministry of Food
---1941---Lord Woolton Pie & sugarless sponge cake
---1941---Rice Krispies treats & Monte Cristo sandwiches & carpetbag steak
---1942---MFK Fisher's Tomato & War cakes
---1943---99 ways to share the Meat, USDA
---1944---tortilla soup
---1945---monkey bread, city chicken & rum balls
---1946---chicken burgers, tuna melts & potato chip cookies
---1946---Stork Club (NYC) & Trader Vic cocktails
---1947---chiffon cake
---1948---Chicken Vesuvio & Finger steaks
---1948---Mr. Truman's recipes I
---1949---Wacky cake
---1949---Pillsbury Bake Off
---1950s--Popular U.S. foods & menus
---1950s-- Chicken Parm & Chicken Francese
---1950s-- Mexican wedding cakes & Nesselrode pie
---1950s--modern American honey mustard
---1951---Bananas Foster
---1952---Chex mix
---1953---coronation chicken
---1954---California onion dip & Nanaimo bars
---1955---green bean casserole & chicken Wellington
---1956---German chocolate cake & Chocolate beet cake
---1956---Thumbprint cookies & Rolled rondant
---1957--- Italian-American Spaghetti Carbonara & Quebec Poutine
---1958---Crab rangoon & lemon bars
---1960s--Popular foods & menus
---1960s--Beef Wellington, Grasshopper pie, Digger bread & Cocoa fudge
---1960--- Green Eggs & Ham & Red Velvet Cake
---1961---Billy bi
---1962---Cream cheese brownies
---1963---Black Forest cake & Texas sheet cake
---1963--- Ladybird Johnson's recipes
---1964---Ants on a log
---1964---Hot Dutch Tuna Buns & pita bread, NYC World's Fair
---1965---crudites & Hello Dolly Bars
---1966---Tunnel of Fudge Cake, chocolate fondue & King Ranch Chicken
---1968---Taco salad, Astronaut fruitcake & Impossible pie
---1969---Richard Nixon's favorite meatloaf
---1969---Flower Pot Bread & Hummingbird Cake
---1970's--Popular U.S. foods & menus
---1970's--California rolls, Pasta primavera & Tiramisu
---1972---General Tso's chicken
---1973---zucchini bread & Harvey Wallbanger cake

---1975---Black & blue steak & Chicken Tikka Masala
---1976---American Bicentennial menus

---1978---Consumer Reports rates chicken soup
---1980's--Popular U.S. foods & menus
---1980s--Mud pie & Dirt dessert
---1980s--Panzanella & mesclun
---1980s-- pasta salad & oriental noodle salad
---1981---Watergate salad & Watergate cake
---1983---Penne alla vodka & Harvard Beet Cake
---1987---banh mi & tortilla pinwheels
---1990's--Popular U.S. foods & menus
---1990s---stromboli, Jamaican jerk & tall food
---1991---chocolate molten lava cake & earthquake cake

---2000s---popular U.S. foods & trends

---2007---Kool-Aid pickles & cake pops
---2009--- Twecipes & Recessipes


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