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[Visited Apr'09] The Food Timeline is a labor of love developed in 1999 and actively updated by Lynne Olver, chief librarian of the Morris County Library, Whippany, New Jersey. Olver's passion for and knowledge of food history makes this site an excellent starting point for anyone doing culinary research or simply wanting to know more about the history of food, recipes, and food-related topics. There are several components to this site; first is the time line itself, which starts with the most basic and important of foodstuffs, water, and ends with projected culinary trends for 2009. The time line is divided into two columns, Beginnings and Recipes. The Beginnings column lists when foods were first introduced, and the Recipes column provides historic recipes for some of these foods. Each entry in the time line provides a link to either an external site or to another part of the Food Timeline for additional information or a recipe. Some of the external links are scholarly, and some are popular Web sites or news articles. The Food Timeline site itself provides extensive information on virtually every aspect of food. At the bottom of the time line, there are links to various sections on the site such as Historic Food Prices, Lesson Plans (for grades K-12), State Foods, Historic Menu Collections, Culinary Timeline, Adapting Old Recipes, and About Culinary Research. The site's best feature is the ability to submit culinary reference questions to Olver with a promised turnaround time of 48 hours. The main time line is updated frequently; the most recent entry in the Recipes category is a list of the recipes prepared for President Obama's inaugural luncheon. Overall, this is an excellent reference tool for all students as well as teachers, librarians, and general users. Summing Up: Highly recommended. All collections. -- S. C. Hardesty, Georgia State University

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